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Catching up

It’s been travel, travel, travel for weeks on end now. Back from Italy recently and now looking to get ready for Spain and Portugal. In the interim we have been making some progress on the bathroom renovation. We now have a towel radiator fitted. The broken cabinet has not been replaced so we cancelled the order and are making use of the battered one. The drawers have been fitted to the sink base as itContinue readingCatching up

Shopaholic Week

I don’t seem to have updated in a week. Is the back room finished? Far from it! The painting is completed and everything looks light and bright in there. We decided that after having put in all of that effort, it was worth a little more and that we should do something with the floor. The floor has a history. It is currently bare boards. They were previously sanded and finished but they are madeContinue readingShopaholic Week

In, not out

Dinner last night does not appear to have ruined the Crooked Man and he is back at his DIY work today, doing the topcoat. I wanted him to take the day off but he’s thinking about being liberated tomorrow. Lockdown finishes tonight and we can go places. But only if the painting is completed first. We ate in last night. In as “at home” because there is currently no choice (no room at the inn,Continue readingIn, not out

A change is as good

It’s May Day, aka International Workers Day, and workers are supposed to be resting but the Crooked Man is beavering away in the back room. He is applying undercoat whilst in his boxers. I have his other clothes in the washing machine due to a wee contretemps with the paint tray. I have been up for a look-see and it’s going to be fabulous in there. It looks 200% better already. Tonight I shall cookContinue readingA change is as good

Everything is under control, except for the dust

The Batmobile went for its CT today. The Controle Technique is the regular safety check on vehicles, akin to the MOT in the UK but is only required every other year. This was the Batmobile’s first CT, as it was not very old when we bought it. It’s also our first CT experience. One more step on our path to being properly French. The car passed, as one would expect. It’s a premium vehicle andContinue readingEverything is under control, except for the dust


We broke the law yesterday. Not intentionally, of course, but by a complete inattention to detail. But before all that, the Crooked Man was up and out early and away to Montmorillon for his second Covid vaccination. I have a great sense of relief now that is done. He was gone a long time. Apparently the Montmorillon centre is not as efficient as Auray, where he had his first jab, and certainly nowhere near asContinue readingWhoops!

Joining up

Work progresses. Filling the gaps around the boards proved to be challenging using ready mix filler and the results were unsatisfactory. I suggested caulk and this was pronounced to be a good idea. We hot legged it to The Shed and purchased six tubes. On Saturday the caulk ran out and so the Crooked Man popped back to The Shed and purchased a further six tubes. Today he has completed sealing around the edges andContinue readingJoining up

Forward Progress

When last we looked, the back bedroom was just about emptied. Not a great deal happened yesterday as we returned to the Brico but after a marathon shopping trip, the last of the Millennium Falcon was broken up and stored – well, just about, we need to buy a second set of drawers to get it all fitted in. Today I took the dog out for a long (slow, anyway) walk and returned two findContinue readingForward Progress