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Coming Soon, to a Blog near you

There are mixed feelings about this blog. On the one hand there is much that we have to tell already but on the other there remains a month to go before the house is ours. Perhaps the blog should wait until then.

There are also concerns regarding using rather than a self-hosted site. In time the blog will most likely migrate to another domain. The adverts implemented on are more than annoying and the limited storage space for images is likely to annoy at a point not too far distant.

Progress on setting the blog up has been very slow and only intermittent. Not least because of the internal debate on whether or not to have yet another WordPress site installed onto our server… have we the bandwidth, speed and working facilities to support such a move. It is a problem that there is nowhere to sit and work at present. In order to write this post the laptop is set up on the kitchen workbench and the writer is seated upon a barstol, knees tucked into a cupboard…

The blog will come to life.

Today the About page came into being. A Gallery is under consideration for this afternoon’s effort¬† but that 3GB storage limit is niggling…

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