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Yesterday as I was preparing to take Nell out for a walk, my lovely French neighbour tapped on the window – she had brought me another gift for the garden (this is the third such), a lovely sturdy Sedum seedling plant. She speaks not a word of English and I speak very little French but I think that the language of gardening is perhaps universal. I said my thanks and remarked that the plant would bring with it a host of papillons and she shrugged and said peut-être but that the  birds would certainly scatter the seeds everywhere for me. I look forward to that.

This morning as we lay lazily in bed I mentioned to Mr  L that we had not yet tried the kitten on cucumbers. He looked at me blankly and I asked if he had never seen any of the host of Internet videos showing cats being scared by cucumbers… he hadn’t. As I was googling for an example to show him, we thought that we heard a knock at the door. Though Nell had not barked, Mr L rendered himself decent and went to see and came back saying “well, there’s a coincidence” and he was holding a pair of very beautiful large cucumbers that some kind neighbour had left for us (Thank you, Ian).

The generosity of others

No, we have not terrorised the cat or the kitten, nor would we ever, it was only a jest.

The reason that only one cu is in the shot is that the other was already in the pan by the time that I had the camera out. I have made cucumber soup and wanted to crack on with it so that it would be fully chilled in time for our evening meal. It gave me a happy reason to deploy that swanky new Magimix too!

An awful big Magimix for a little soup but as I had made it in a non-stick pan I couldn’t really deploy the stick blender

The bottle of wine is the one that the motorhome dealer gave us. We broached it last night with our Carbonara and very good it was too. Unfinished due to the excessive heat, it is safely closed with a very swanky stopper that we found in the Hymer rear locker last night. Unused, still in a gift box and branded Mouton Cadet. A quality item that no doubt somebody was sad to lose. Our wine may not have been Mouton but was actually extremely good.

There may be further cucumbers in our future so I am looking up recipes for pickling them but also considering Cucumber Infused Gin as we have the gin at the ready and the plums are not right for picking just yet.

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