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I am exceedingly peeved that the photographs that I took of our beautiful supper are somehow not on my camera card.

These wonderful tomatoes from Grand Frais were paired with a Burrata cheese from the same source. It was our first Burrata but it certainly will not be our last. In a simple salad with tomatoes and basil, drizzled with good olive oil and Balsamic vinegar, and served with a crusty bread – it was sensational.

I arranged it beautifully. You should have seen it. sigh

We washed it down with a rosé  cider from Ecusson, which was totally delicious and went very well. It was so sharp as to be a lot like vinegar – but in a good way. Complimented the creamy cheese beautifully.

The mistake torte was actually rather good. I had tested chocolate chip Petit Beurre for the buttery biscuit base as Amaretti seem to be scarce and somewhat expensive. The Petit Beurre worked well and I shall be happy enough to use them on the big day.

The milk chocolate was rather less exciting but the experiment with the mascarpone mix cream that passes for whipping cream over here produced an agreeably light mousse. Just as well, given that real cream is impossible to get and  this stuff will have to do – UHT, stabilisers and all.

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