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Getting on with it

We visited Adriers, a nearby small town, to find and register with the doctor there. She has an excellent reputation and is much sought after by the ex-pat Brits as she speaks excellent English. We had been warned that “her books are full” and “she’s not taking new patients on because she is retiring” but we were warmly welcomed in Reception and our details entered upon the computer.

A quirky little family

The surgery took a bit of finding; we had two addresses found on the Internet, the first being wholly unproductive but the second of which had a notice up directing patients to the new Cabinet Médical, a very fine establishment. Our tour of Adriers was pleasant, giving opportunity to find the Church (handsome), a family of deer (quirky), two bars (ample), a Pharmacy (in a lovely old building), and a Boulangerie (seemingly closed down.)

The Pharmacy in Adriers

We also found a Motorhome Aire that we had not previously been aware of. I did a quick Google when we came home to find very little reference to it other than one blog by a British couple who had stayed there and done a Geocache (It turns out that when we were outside the church we were standing right by the cache. ) Seems like nobody knows about this Aire, so one for us to add to Search For Sites and we must return there to do the cache and some walking. Adriers is the centre of a network of signed walking routes like the ones that we have here. We have heard that one of the bars does a good lunch, so the total weekend package, including availability of the hangover cure!

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