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Adriers is a small town a few minute’s drive from here, on the far side of the N147. It is perhaps 7 km away. We will no doubt get to know Adriers well as not only is our GP there but as we discovered this past week, it offers some leisure facilities that we may well wish to use in the future.

There is a small motorhome aire, without services, adjacent to the Stade and the Salle Polyvalente. A tennis court sits between the aire and the Plan d’Eau, which is a small lake provided for leisure use. Both fishing and swimming are allowed, the latter only in July and August. Sadly for  us, when we arrived in searing heat, there was a prohibition notice up. Poor water quality prevented bathing.

Unfortunately, good weather severely limited the walking. We had hoped to cover all four of the loops of the Chaumes du Chapitre network of sentiers that start directly from the village. In the event, we covered the 7.5 Km loop (no 5) and left the remainder for another visit. It was just too hot for exertion.

There are 12 circular routes in all (PDF) and it is possible to chain them together to lengthen a route or simply to spend a day exploring. They are like the ones in our local network of paths – well signposted and covering very quiet roads and off-road tracks.

Route marker

We were grateful for the shady sections; most of the chemins are tree-lined.

Some welcome shade

It was hard work, walking in that heat and with a cat on my back!

AUGUST: The backpack, out for a walk at Adriers

We walked betwixt fields of sunflowers and maize. The corn was higher than this elephant’s eye.

On our second day the bathing was reopened, which meant that those of us possessing swimming shorts could go for a nice refreshing swim. Some of us had no cozzie and had to settle for being envious.

There is a Geocache in town and so we did our first French Geocache. We hope to do many more.

It being far too hot to eat, we did not sample the €12 Menu du Jour (4 courses, including cheese, and wine) at Les Tilleuls – something else to look forward to in the future.

Some photos of Adriers:

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