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Everybody has to meet their rendezvous

We wanted to go away for a few days in the motorhome but were tied to the house awaiting the electricity supplier’s workmen on Wednesday afternoon. The window was between 13:30 and 19:00 hours, which really did not help the planning and packing process  but we got stuck in as well as we could. It was awful hot.

The team duly arrived around 14:00 hours, which was good. They evinced some surprise at the meter that we currently have installed. Not sure why, as we had arranged an appointment for the change of supply from 3-phase, the increasing of the amperage, and a switch to an off-peak tariff. However, they managed only the puissance and said that a further appointment would be needed to do the rest and that they will call us in September. Not a bad thing really, that they should be here all of ten minutes… but the September thing? Not so great. We were hoping to get off for a few weeks once the weather cools a little.

Due to the arrival of the kitten, Cat was still untested with litter trays and indoor living – she has simply refused to enter the house since Dusty moved in. Taking the two of them with us was not a realistic option. We fed her well, left plenty of water and knew that she was more than able to feed herself during our short absence and has plenty of shade in the outbuildings. Dusty went into his backpack and we drove off to Bussière-Poitevine for a few supplies before heading to Adriers, where we planned to stay for as long as the weather would let us.

Next up: some details of the trip

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