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It’s a blue one

We have been having a rare day today, cool, cloudy and just a little damp. I have been taking advantage of increased energy levels to rearrange the mess in the house and to clear up some kitchen leftovers. The Crooked Man and the Not-so-crooked-cat have been out to visit the vet.

The vet agrees with us that Dusty is probably around 3 months old, perhaps a little less. Old enough anyway to have his injections (including the rabies shot), to obtain his chip and to be given his passport. He is now able to travel with us when we go to Germany. He had his ears syringed too – the main reason for taking him in was to sort out a case of ear mite infestation. We have a preparation to apply to his ears. Happily he was declared free of fleas.

All of this cost €139, with the passport element being just €18. Very good value, we think. (£124 at today’s exchange)

He’s a TIGER!

His D.O.B. has been given on his passport as 1st May so we will make that his birthday for future reference even though we are all agreed that he was perhaps born somewhat after that.

Dusty returns for his next injections in mid-September. The vet will neuter him at around 6-7 months of age. All done and… er, Dustied!

Whilst they were gone I liberated the dining table from its load of “stuff”, so perhaps we can now eat in a civilised manner once in a while. Perhaps we shall have dinner at the table tonight instead of perching at the kitchen worktop.

Thai Sausages. Pork with sugar, lemon grass, onions, coconut, salt, spices…

Tonight we are having the Thai sausages that I bought from the Asian Supermarket in Limoges. As always, it seemed like a good idea at the time but now that it comes down to it I am wobbling. They are made in France (so should be subject to suitable hygiene controls) and the ingredients list looks sound with 91% meat content of French Pork but there’s always that notion at the back of the mind about just what constitutes the meat content…  However, they do contain MSG and, surprisingly, a warning of liquorice content.

Whoops – E621! and… liquorice?!?!

Yes, of course I plan to cook them in the air fryer.

Curried Potato Cakes. Do you think that they will work?

I received no answers when I enquired how to serve them so am doing my own thing and harvesting those fridge leftovers. We have potato cakes fashioned from the leftover samosa filling, and I deployed some sad mushrooms and beans in making a salad.

Salad: beans, onions, mushrooms, garlic, ginger, coriander, lime, sesame oil, soy

When the travellers came home, we had coffee and Chouquettes

Just a few chouquette left over from yesterday’s excess

and Dusty settled down on the sofa with Nell.

Nap time

Nell doesn’t seem too happy with the arrangement but is putting up with it. The vet had said that Dusty might be a little tired this afternoon and so it seems.

This is Nell, pretending that this is not really happening. She is clearly a little stressed by this proximity

This afternoon it dawned on us that if Cat is to come travelling with us then we need to take her in for passporting too. We have no idea if she has been immunised but she has neither a tattoo nor a chip in her neck. She does appear to be in rude health, with no fleas, and we have wormed her so, to our shame, we have not yet organised a vet trip for her. Why we didn’t think to take them both in together, I do not know. Perhaps because it was the ear thing focusing our attention rather than the passport business.


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