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Me and my tummy (yummy)

We were out and about on Monday, to Limoges. We had hoped to buy a ladder in order to tackle the wasp nests in the roof but were unlucky. However, we were able to explore the Limoges branch of Grand Frais and to bring some goodies home. We also visited an Asian supermarket and treated ourselves to a steel wok.

The heat was almost unbearable. We had the 12v cooler box but it wasn’t coping well and we were very much limited to what would fit in it. Nothing else would have survived.

We had enjoyed the Crevettes from our last shopping trip very much indeed, so we had to buy more of those and I found some ready to eat Hass avocados too. A pot of excellent ready made Mayonnaise rounded things off nicely.


I had to buy more Burrata and interesting tomatoes, of course. Last night I made a meal of them, adding a balsamic reduction that I whipped up.


Beautiful, fresh and healthful meals. So what did we do today? We went and spoiled it all.

We headed back to Limoges today in order to purchase a deep fat fryer. I have elected to make Samosas as my contribution for the village fete and had no way to fry them. We decided to treat ourselves to a “professional” type rectangular fryer. After walking round But and Darty and Boulanger, we came home with a Phillips Airfryer!

We also went to a Chocolate Shop


we bought coffee and some Pate de Fruits as well as choccies.


Look at that… caramel tendre… liqueur de cacao… nougatine. Oh, wow! The coffee ganache we had to purchase after being offered a free sample. Deeply rich in bitter coffee. Mmmm… gimme more, I say.

We were very good and did not go into the main Grand Frais store, much as I wanted more Burrata supplies. We just investigated the boulangerie as we needed bread to go with the cheese that we had bought on Monday.


It went down well and was declared the best bread that we have eaten since arriving in France and, by golly, that’s saying something.

Before we ate that though, we had to test the airfryer.


Not bad. I am sure that they will be better with practise.

What else. Oh, yes, we bought a kettle. Been without one for far too long. And some Leffe, which was obviously needed for the chips and mayo and the bread and cheese.

The weather is supposed to be far cooler tomorrow so hopefully we will do a practise run on the Samosas. There isn’t long until the fete now and I am becoming nervous.

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