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Those sausages

Those Thai sausages that I mentioned earlier? Well, they did not appear promising when unwrapped.

Thai Sausage
Not the most appealing sausage that I ever saw

However, they smelled fine and we elected to forge ahead. I popped them into the Air Fryer after Googling and establishing a guide of 180C for 15 minutes. No added fat and no pricking.

After 5 minutes they were looking far more appealing, plump and juicy.

After 10 minutes they had shrunk considerably. I thought perhaps enough was enough.

In total they has perhaps 11 minutes and, for these sausages, that was too long.  They had lost all juiciness.

They were pretty tasty! Oddly sweet, but we agreed that just underlined their Thai heritage. No nasty chewy bits, but the skins were quite thick and sturdy so verging on the tough.

Thai sausages, cooked
Thai Sausage with Curried Potato Cakes and a bean and mushroom salad

The potato cakes were brilliant. Absolutely delicious. The salad was very good too. Nothing really went together but the meeting of Thailand, India and China was a cordial one. Each element very tasty and no genuine argument of flavours.

The sausages passed the test to the extent that the second half of the packet is now safely tucked into the deep freezer for another day. Next time, a couple of minutes less on the cooking. Also next time, with noodles, I think.

The potato cakes need to be reproduced and a recipe written down. Just in case I forget:

The filling was based on the Samosa recipe here, with added petits pois otherwise altered only for the ingredients that could not be sourced, as follows:

  • red chilli powder substituted by some flaked chilli and some paprika
  • amchoor replaced by a squeeze of lime juice
  • coriander swapped in for unobtainable curry leaves

The original Samosa filling was left unmashed, I had made fine cubes of the raw potato because I wanted texture in my Samosas.

One very finely chopped red onion, fried gently in butter, was added to the leftover filling, together with one beaten egg. 

At this stage the mix was too soft so in went a tablespoon of plain flour.

The cakes were formed in a light coating of plain flour, with a little Garam Masala added.

After chilling to firm the up, I fried the cakes in a little butter. If we had been able to find Ghee, I would have used that instead.

[Air Fryer Adventures are being recorded here.]

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