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Things have been awkward on the blogging front. We were hacked and that took some sorting out and kind of took the heart out of it somehow. Then we went away for some weeks and whilst we were away the server picked up a nasty malware infection that took many hours of work and remains in  an unwholesome state. At many points we were on the verge of taking down the server completely and so it seemed pointless to be writing blog posts when the blogs seemed likely to be permanently junked.

We came home on Tuesday of this week and there is much to relate, I am sure. One important piece of news is that we are indeed ditching our server but that a policy decision has been made to purchase some hosting to replace it. The health and safety of our data will then rest in the hands of paid experts and the stress will be removed from our lives.

I will export the database for this blog and my others and the likely outcome will be that one blog will host Crooked House, woolgathering and Two Snails in the one place. I am not 100% on this decision yet and may change my mind in the coming days.

It is good to be back in the Crooked House and home in Maison Celle once more. Good to see little Chloé again too. Sadly she did not come on holiday with us but was left with an automatic feeder and the attention of a neighbour to ensure her well being. 

Dusty has grown beyond all recognition and is a bit of a monster in more ways than one. He will be having A Visit To The Vet very soon now and we hope that he will calm down a little after that.

Where were we? We took off in the motorhome to visit Alsace and the Black Forest but changed our plans en route and hired a boat for three weeks on the Rhone-Rhine Canal. There is much to document and I will probably do this over at Two Snails if that blog survives the imminent cull.

There seems little point in spending too much time and effort updating in this uncertain environment so I’ll leave with a photo or two from the trip.

Rhone-Rhine Canal

Our home for three weeks
Canal Life

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