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No Running Water

Today’s dog walk was a little longer than usual, we stretched our legs a bit by going around Boucle No 9. It was a grand day for it, with sun shining in  clear blue sky – just the migrating geese overhead.

A chemin near home

It has been looking a lot like Autumn for many weeks now, though the shedding of brown leaves was entirely due to the long, hot and dry summer. Now we have the real thing and the leaf fall has begun in earnest, though we have yet to see a frost. This may change tonight, I am told, as sub-zero temperatures and even light snow are predicted for this coming week.

Water but no frogs. Sorry, Nell

We have received quite a quantity of rain in recent weeks but still need much more. The water levels in some of the ponds is beginning to rise now but the water courses remain largely as dry stream beds. The ground is noticeably damp now and slightly sticky in places but no real mud and only the odd puddle where the tracks are rutted. The ground is simply soaking it all up. Nell found a small pool today where a stream ought to be. No frogs, think they have all gone to sleep now.

In a nearby village

We put in a good time, improving on our last circuit by several minutes even though I stopped several times to gaze, admire and photograph. I particularly enjoyed this window box.

Chloe has not yet found a home. This is distressing me. If you can help, please get in touch – but quickly.

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