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Hot, hot, hot

I really am a poor blogger these days, aren’t I? Sorry.

The notion that I would keep a Nature Diary here soon fell by the wayside. A pity, that. Perhaps I will try again next year,

The thing is, we packed ourselves up and wandered off in the van again and when we came back we were, for various reasons, at a low ebb. Energy has been lacking and especially the mental variety.

I am here now however and I am going to try to keep going.

The weather in France is appalling just now. The heat is fierce and very enervating. I should write a catch-up post on what has been happening since April, when I wrote my last post, but really… no energy at all.

We have two mobile aircon units running in the house and  they just cannot keep up. One of them is leaking water all over the floor (thank heaven we have stone flags!) so today we ordered a new one. It won’t be here until Tuesday and we have more high temperatures to weather between now and then. I am so glad that we are not away somewhere, living in a tin can – we would roast!

Speaking of tin cans – there are new ones hereabouts. We have a ridiculously swanky new car (aka The Batmobile) and are mid-purchase on a motorhome van conversion to replace Heidi Hymer.

Both cats are still with us and although I recognise the need to rehome Dusty, I have to say that I am pleased he remains with us for now. I will miss him terribly if he ever finds a new home. He does need one though. He has, by the way, turned into a magnificent beast. He is a year old and will very soon be celebrating his first Gotcha Day with us.

I haven’t picked up a camera for some time but rest assured, there will be photos for Gotcha Day.

Chloé had an adventure recently, disappearing for three days when we were on our last trip. We were about to give up, pack up and leave when she finally turned up in the nick of time. We were so stressed out about it that we just turned the van to home and made a very long and tiring trip back to safety – a journey  that we would normally have taken three or four days over.

No trips planned in the near future due to trading Heidi in. Once we have the new van we will go off for the odd night here and there  but just locally, to try it out and become familiar with its workings, check for problems etc. before we set off for pastures new some time towards Autumn.

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