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Give us a break

The ditches are full to the brim and there is standing water on the fields. We have had rain, not exactly in biblical quantities but more or less persistently (with the occasional sunny break) for days and there is more coming. It is grey and some might think it dismal (certainly the Iberian sunshine feels like it was a long time ago and my tan is beginning to fade) but I see the lambs and I see the soggy ditches brightly punctuated by the brilliance of the Pulmonaria and Cowslip blooms. I also see the Magnolias blooming in village gardens, and I am heartened.

It will pass and soon we will have wall to wall sunshine and temperatures that rapidly become a little too much for my comfort. The saving grace of the current weather is that it is not very cold at all. I have resorted to wearing a sweatshirt at times but have not yet needed to find a sweater. In the UK, March is said to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb. I wonder if that is true in France. We had a little wind at the weekend, though nothing damaging. Today it is still. March can be such a bitterly cold month in the UK, with strong winds and teeming rain. France seems much kinder than that at present and I like to think that every drop of rain now will be worth it come the summer, when we need water in the reservoirs.

Next week is supposedly going to give us improved weather and we hope to be out and about looking at some different corners of France.

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