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Lovely Weather for Ducks

It was tipping down this morning and had been doing so all night. Our Google Assistant tells us that it is going to rain until 10pm tonight, making that a good 24 hours continuous downpour. She says it will start again at 7am tomorrow and continue all day. This is setting the scene for my saying that I really did not feel like going walkies today! I made myself go on the grounds that fresh air and exercise would help me to throw off the virus that is currently fighting my body for supremacy.

Clearly Nell was not enthused either. She dragged her heels a bit, head down.

In the end our (brief) walk was not so bad. The rain had eased up a little by the time that we went out. As we joined the road, a little way up the village from home, we saw a pair of Mallards in the middle of the D10. It was a picturesque scene and I really wish that I had taken the camera with me (no, not really, far too wet!).

It wasn’t cold and there was no wind, so there was only the rain to contend with. I didn’t plan on going far today and wasn’t sure that my jelly legs and swimming head would let me try to do so. We mooched along and I watched the water pouring off the fields and into the ditches, which are now running like little rivers.

We met our neighbour, J, out with the dogs and she told me that if I turned left down the chemin, I would find it flooded. Well… that was tempting and actually got me to walk a little farther. I wanted to inspect the flood! It was quite a good flood. The stream has overtopped and is running across the chemin. For now it is still draining away, providing a wee waterfall under the little bridge. It won’t be long before the lower side is also over the top and that water won’t be going anywhere but sideways.

The cowslips are struggling valiantly on despite the weather and each day I see more and more of them. The ditch banks will look spectacular soon.

What else? Oh, yes. I keep meaning to mention the lone Great White Egret that has been hanging around for a while. Today he seems to have picked up a few companions, three or four of them. Perhaps when they move on, he will go with them.

Google Assistant isn’t promising rain for Saturday (yet). Maybe I can get the camera out then and perhaps stalk the Egret. A pity he’s not a Stork. I could have stalked the Stork, which I would find amusing. Am I feverish? Yes, I think so!

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