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One down

Today we can say that we have survived our first week of lockdown.

The time has passed quickly. Good weather is helping to keep our spirits up.

Both house and garden are looking neater and tidier but there is scope for further time-filling both inside and out.

Feeling much better since it was clarified last evening that we may walk out with the dog for up to an hour. I had been told that it was 20 minutes maximum and that was quite distressing.

Tonight we hear that the Scientific Council are recommending a further four weeks at home at least on top of these two that we are halfway through. It feels more than doable at present. I still have a long list of things with which to occupy myself, many of which I am actually itching to get to and am frustrated not to have found time for so far.

Today was full of window-washing and cooking (slow-cooked beef cheek) and I seem to have forgotten to take any photographs, so have nothing to post here or at Blipfoto.

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