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Strolling in Company

Today we were able to share our dog walk for the first time since we arrived home from Provence last Tuesday. A new Attestation form has been published and it is more clear (and more generous) on the exercise conditions. We may exercise for up to one hour and the start time must be written onto the form. We may share our walk with a member of the same household. The walk should be restricted to a 1 km radius of the home.

This last bit offers us some difficulty but in common with neighbours that I have discussed the matter with, we are sticking to the spirit rather than the letter and doing what is sensible and responsible rather than what is directed. In short, we are making our usual circuit because it passes only one house and that is empty. If we went where we are supposed to we would pass through several habitations. All that we are doing is shifting the centre of our circle a little way from home and walking to one side in order to ensure no contact. It is better that way. Also it offers us a proper circular route, which is not possible within the permitted circle.

The chances of meeting a gendarme are approximately nil but I will happily pay my fine if we do meet one. The Law is the Law when all is said and done but the Law can also be said to be an Ass and I prefer to be sensible rather than stupid when it comes to my walks.

The sun is still shining but apparently quite a lot of rain is in the forecast for next week, so incarceration may become less pleasant soon.

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