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It’s the 31st July. August 1st tomorrow and I hope to breathe fresh life into the blog by participating actively in the Autumn Cottage DiaristA month in the Country” once again.

I cannot believe that I have not posted here since May 20th but as we have been away a great deal since lockdown ended and, although I took my laptop on the road it was never opened, I should not be entirely surprised at this level of neglect!

There are things for me to do: I wish to fine tune the connection with Instagram/IFTTT to help me in keeping the blog lively without investing too much time indoors and I believe that it is now time for wee Chloé to vacate her perch. I am slowly coming to terms with the idea that we shall not see her again and I think perhaps may even be ready to write about her loss.

Time to take a good photo of Dusty and promote him to the blog header? Though to be honest I shall miss seeing my little Chloé up there!

I have a new camera, my old one having suffered a couple of indignities. It may take me a few days to get to grips with it and this month off blogging is just the exercise that I need to make me knuckle down to learning the menus and settings. It should not be difficult – it’s basically the same camera (I love the portability and I had invested in several lenses) but the next mark along in the series. Perhaps the first few images in August might be sub par but I am sure that I will soon be back into the swing.

Another thing that I really want to do here is to get to grips with a long-intended project to document some of the places that we have visited in this beautiful country. I have a zillion photographs to catalogue and sort and then perhaps I will get a move on. I may start back to front, with our latest visit, which was to a ville about 30 Km from home – Availles-Limouzine. We went over there for two nights in the van and came home yesterday. I will try to write about that whilst it remains fresh in my mind, though I shall be short of the photos that I wanted. It was simply too hot to be out and about in the pursuit of a photo essay and I reasoned to myself that we will return there before too long.

Here is one that I did take:


More about Availles tomorrow perhaps? But let us see what prompt that Roz may have for me to address first.

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