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A country life in France

Excuse Note

If anybody was wondering where I have been and wasn’t I supposed to be following Roz’s A Month in the Country prompts? Well, yes, I was supposed to be getting back into my writing and I still intend to. We have been away in the van on a couple of trips (and I have some photos and am brewing up some words about a few places) but this is the real culprit!

Millenium Falcon, Lego-style

This be the Crooked Man’s latest block-building exercise – a humongous model of the Millennium Falcon. It began life by taking over the dining table, which is where I normally use my laptop. Eventually I brought out the picnic table to write at. This is my table. In the background you can see a pile of plates and dishes that were used to sort out thousands of bricks and pieces. It was these dishes that were spread all over the dining table.

Where does he find the patience?

It is a monster of a model. I have no idea where it is going to live.

Rear View

Now that the finished model is living on the picnic table, I have been able to return to the dining table and my blogs.

Not for long, though!

We are away on our travels again quite soon. we shall be needing that picnic table packed safely in the van. I think that I may be losing the dining table once more 🙂

I do plan to take my laptop on this next trip and I hope to catch up with the Month in the Country prompts over time.

Not today , though!

I am having a kitchen day (another post coming up) and tonight is Date Night.

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