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A void

Really wanting to get this diary thing going but another day passed with nothing written. Not much happening.

I washed towels and got them out on the line. They didn’t dry well due to a drop in air temperature.

We lit the fire.

I cooked. Trying hard to return to low carb eating, so we had a healthy but tasty meal. I roasted cod wrapped in prosciutto, served on a tomato and pepper sauce and with cauliflower roasted with smoked paprika.

Makes for boring reading.

Diary-worthy information: I learned today that we are to expect planned power cuts this winter. France relies largely on Nuclear power production. Nuclear power stations require proper maintenance. Covid-19 has hampered work this year. Power stations are offline and overall production is down. If it is a cold winter and demand exceeds supply then we will be subject to supply disruption.

I’m not worrying about it. We have a wood burning stove that heats (overheats!) the entire house. My cooker hob is powered by gas bottles, though the oven is electric. With planned cuts I can plan suitable meals as hob-only if needed. I can also try out my Cobb barbecue if needed.

Actually looking forward to the street light going out occasionally!

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