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Where do all these yawning gaps come from? Aha – this time I have the answer – I have been busy updating Scattered Thoughts! After a couple of very long posts, time and energy were lacking for coming here to write and as little else had happened other than a shopping delivery or two, it seemed unimportant.Also spending far too much time at Facebook, which I am trying to give up but it keeps on drawing me back in. Honestly, some of the Groups are actually useful.

It occurs to me that tagging my posts there with the Covid-19 Lockdown tag would be sensible? Then I can split my time without feeling that I am letting the side down and easily find the sequence of posts, wherever they are.

Yes, I will do that – or try to remember to.

Date Night 4 happened. I wore my green Lagenlook jersey dress that I love and feel so comfortable in and paired it with my new SNAG black tights, black lace up pumps and my black necklace that we bought in Montreuil sur Mer recently. I felt quite grown up! but still looking forward to a time when I can dress to go out for dinner.

It’s mostly in the captions. I made some more Olive Oil Crackers, this time with Truffle-Scented oil. I added poppy seeds for crunch and discovered that its far from the end of the world if you let the crackers brown although the recipe says not to. This time I managed to roll them out more thinly. I also doubled the Baking Powder. The results were good. We served the crackers with Goose Rillettes, cornichons and olives. Just a glass of boxed white wine to go with it.

The risotto was from my head and quite plain, with just cherry tomatoes and toasted pine kernels. I fried the prawns in garlic butter before sitting them on top and drizzling the dish with red pesto. I made Parmesan Crisps and almost forgot to serve them. We had a bottle of Veuve Ambal to wash it down

Cheeseboard followed, with more of the Olive Oil Crackers – Chaumes and Selles-sur-Cher.

Dessert was Nigella’s Flourless Olive Oil Chocolate Cake, with some modifications and a Peche de Vigne sorbet. The Tokaji came out with that….

The weather continues to be “fresh” and the nights are seeing some frost. The days however are dry, sunny and bright, sometimes we get temperatures into double figures.

Lockdown continues. Dusty seems to be taking it in his stride.

Mr Macron is speaking to us later today regarding some easing of the continuing confinement measures. We expect that he will announce the reopening of shops but suspect that restaurants will remain closed. We just want to be able to take longer walks than we can at present. I seem to be managing shopping quite nicely without ever going out.

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