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The Cold Light of Day

Nell’s excessive drinking and urination have ramped up considerably. Hence I was outside at a little past 2 am this morning, by which time the car was already covered in a sparkling frost. On the 6 am toilet run, the world was looking fairly well white all over (as viewed through the window from my bed, that is).

When we first came house-hunting around here there was snow on the ground (apparently a once in ten years event). We haven’t been here in properly cold weather since then, having spent our winter months in Portugal and Spain. It’s quite novel to need the fire lighting, rather than debating whether or not we want to light it. Thankfully, it heats the whole house and especially the bedroom as the chimney pipe runs up through there. In fact, most of the time we have to let the fire die down early in the evening to avoid being too hot upstairs to sleep.

Winter does seem to be drawing on now though and we are forecast -1C overnight tonight. It may not be long before we feel the need to keep the fire going all night in order to be toasty in the morning.

It’s quite odd to think that we had a daytime temperature of 17° earlier in the week and I was happily thinking how short a winter we have here – it really seems to take forever to get going (a bit like our woodburner!). Spring arrives earlier than it does in Orkney too!

Time is passing quickly. The change in the season is a reminder that Week 4 of confinement has begun. It is amazing how quickly it goes. One might have imagined being bored and the time dragging but it never seems to be that way. The Crooked Man has just set out for another shopping run and that seems to come around ridiculously quickly. He’s gone out for the makings of this week’s Date Night meal, at which we can practice dealing with power cuts by lighting some candles (and giving the binge-watching a miss too).

The news today is that the Covid R value in France continues its downward path. I have instantly forgotten the actual figure but believe that the Crooked Man mention 0.5-something. Lockdown v2.0 is doing its job so we can scarcely grumble.

I am going to fill in the time until the shopping comes home by looking to see where my thermal undies, scarves, shawls, hats and mittens are – none of which have seen the light of day since we moved in here!

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