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Greedy, Greedy

Regular readers may recall that one of my ways for dealing with Lockdown has been to have a weekly Date Night. The planning, preparing, shopping, cooking, and finally the eating of a three course (or more!) meal has added structure to my weeks and the effort has occupied my time and speeded the weeks along.

I hope that it pleases, to know that the Crooked Man and I are still dating on a Saturday night. However, I need to confess that the cooking etcetera has largely ceased.

It began one week when I fancied having the night off. We decided to raid Lidl for some of their premium and festive offerings. That worked okay, but the following week I still fancied the night off…

During Lockdown v1.0, we tried a takeaway meal from Le Lucullus in Montmorillon and that was quite splendid. We noted that they were offering the same service in Lockdown v2.0 and we decided to treat ourselves again.

It was very good indeed and so we found ourselves doing the same again last week.

This week we found ourselves phoning even earlier in the week, to order this weekend’s menu. That’s three weeks on the trot. We are greedy, greedy people 🙂

We won’t be doing the same next weekend as it is the Crooked Man’s birthday meal, with dishes of his own choosing, and will be made by my own fair hands. His tasks are restricted to opening the Champagne, no driving to go and collect a meal.


However, discussions are already happening on the matter of our Wedding Anniversary dinner, as Le Lucullus have a festive menu available at New Year. It would solve a few of our annual difficulties if we had takeaway… Not entirely certain what possessed us when we decided to wed on New Year’s Eve! Not once in all these years have we been able to have a romantic dinner out for our anniversary. Only infrequently have we found everything available in the shops that we needed to cook at home for our chosen menu. An effort-free treat would be delightful, just for a change.

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