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I think that this may help

When we bought a load of handmade furniture from some local Brits who were selling up to return to the UK (yes, I know, folly in the extreme but we all make personal choices) amongst the pieces was a little bureau. I haven’t made best use of it so far and it has so far been a simple repository for “stuff”.

We recently moved the location of the bureau in our sitting room (to make room for a drum kit and yes, see above re folly and choices) and since then I have been eyeing it up as a potential workstation for my use.

We have been using our laptops on the dining table in a corner of the sitting room and sitting on some old and poorly re-upholstered dining chairs to work at them. I have not been comfortable, despite adding a cushion to my chair to raise me closer to the keyboard. The lighting in that corner isn’t brilliant either. I think that these factors all add up to a reason why I have not been productive in my writing department and the blogs are not being updated

Fast Forward >>>> December Reflections 2020 and a reawakening of certain creative urges. I have been a malcontent for the past weeks. I feel unsatisfied, if not plain dissatisfied. There is something missing from my life. Several somethings are missing from my life in fact but they all add up tot he one thig really and I am being driven right now by a need to create.

Today I bit this particular bullet and I tidied and reorganised the bureau, found a power adaptor and plugged in my laptop.

My workstation ready for use

The bureau flap comes in only 2 centimetres lower than the dining table top but I do feel much more comfortable when typing. I still need to do something about a more comfortable chair and hopefully one that has a slightly higher seat. The table lamp on top of the bureau is a positive bonus.

The laptop won’t fit in the bureau top nr in the drawers but there is a “secret” tray drawer below the flap and above the six little drawers and it will accommodate the laptop nicely when not in use. At the moment I cannot open the tray as it has no spring mechanism (no idea why not) nor, being secret, any handles. We shall fit a pair of brass knobs once we find some – there were none at The Shed today.

I should like to move Alexa and the other bits into a new home and then I think that I need something on the wall to gaze at when inspiration deserts me. Two somethings, one at my side and one in front?

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