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The Gates are Open and they’re off…

It’s a Big Day today and a reminder again that I am failing on my Covid Diary updating.

Lockdown v2.0 is over and from today we can go anywhere we wish to without let, hindrance, or Attestation… at least between the hours of 06:00 and 20:00. We are allowed to travel between Regions and also out of the country.

We might have seized the day but the car is unhealthy. Nothing major, we hope. We believe that we have a bad tyre that is causing the terrible vibrations that we are experiencing and have every hope that they go away after a new tyre is fitted. The car went for wheel balancing last week. It failed to fix the issue and we had a report saying that the one tyre was ruptured in multiple places and could not be balanced. We are of course concerned about safety. We intend to run out tomorrow to Bussière-Poitevine because we have a commitment there but plan to go no further than that until we take the car in to the garage on Thursday. I just have my fingers crossed that it’s not a case of multiple and different issues, Don’t want to face the prospect of mechanical repairs!

All being well, we shall have an outing to Limoges later in the week and shop for birthday food at Grand Frais. I feel ridiculously excited at the thought of being able to go that far. Also fresh Chillies! They are always exciting. (We are cooking Piri-Piri Chicken for birthday dinner.)

We had thought that after the car was started and we also had the Crooked Man’s birthday tucked away, we might go away in our van over the holiday period. After a period of reflection we have decided not to bother and will stay at home for while. Although our main activity when we go away is walking somewhere peaceful and that can obviously continue, there would be absolutely nothing else to do. We might find ourselves sitting out the rain in the van and twiddling our toes. So, we will wait until France gets moving again. Restaurants are projected to open after the 20th January. That will be nice. And once the car is fixed we can contemplate some day trips and longer walks in the interim. I feel Saint Pardoux calling my name – but we would need to take sandwiches 🙂

Not in any way, shape, or form do I believe that we are through this yet. I will not be flabbergasted if we are locked down for a third time after a post-Christmas spike. It’s okay if that happens. We are adjusted to a static life for now and feel quite comfortable in the Little Crooked House.

My vaccination should be happening in February, if things go to plan.

In Other News: the Crooked House is about to become very noisy. The Crooked Man is going to learn to play the drums.

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