Crooked House

A country life in France

Lost and Bo(a)red

Still not locked down but it cannot be long in coming now. The planned reopening of Restaurants etc. has been set back from 20th January until “at least” mid-February. There will be a further Press Briefing this evening. After a protracted spell of cold weather, which became so cold that Dusty appropriated my chair, with its hand-knit Colinette throw, instead of his own – and I had to find elsewhere to sit… I now haveContinue readingLost and Bo(a)red


Fog and frost today. Very cold, quite miserable, and last night we received the first request to save power, with some potential for power cuts today. I don’t believe that we shall be affected by a cut here but wondering whether or not it is my civic responsibility not to run the washing machine… Unconcerned overall regarding power cuts as our heating comes from a woodburner, I have a hob that runs on bottled gasContinue readingSnare(s)

It’s all a bit boring

I am trying very hard to maintain a daily blog habit, even if that means splitting posts between here and Scattered Thoughts. The challenge remains however in that there is so little to write about. Today has been typically empty. We took the dog for a walk and the Crooked Man has been practising on his drums. The day has been chilly, though not quite as cold as of late, and damp. It’s grey, withContinue readingIt’s all a bit boring

Turn of the Year Vacuum

This hiatus always annoys me. Can we please get the 6th over and done with and then return to normal? We have been out and about, mainly doing bottle bank duty and then making the most of being out of the house by calling in at the supermarket. Learning Point 1: Shopping on 2nd January is largely a waste of time. Learning Point 2: Shopping on the 4th January is largely a waste of timeContinue readingTurn of the Year Vacuum


There was snow this morning but only a light dusting and not even complete coverage. Today’s bottle bank was in Adriers. We added in a trip to the Pharmacie to refill a prescription and to seek information on Dental Services (I have broken a tooth or lost a filling, uncertain which.) Then we popped into the garden centre, in an unsuccessful search for some wellies, and on to Intermarch√©. We are now fully divested ofContinue readingDesperados