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There was snow this morning but only a light dusting and not even complete coverage.

Today’s bottle bank was in Adriers. We added in a trip to the Pharmacie to refill a prescription and to seek information on Dental Services (I have broken a tooth or lost a filling, uncertain which.) Then we popped into the garden centre, in an unsuccessful search for some wellies, and on to Intermarché.

We are now fully divested of bottles, including the ones that have been sitting in a bin outside since we moved in. It feels like some kind of achievement.

On the Dental front, it seems that I shall not be getting my tooth fixed any time soon. Services are “emergency only” and emergencies are defined as: swelling, bleeding, or pain. Thankfully I do not yet have pain. The Pharmacist sold us an antiseptic mouthwash to assist in keeping trouble at bay. She also suggested that we call the dentist and say that it is an emergency. As a telephone interview has to be conducted first, along with a Covid risk check, I suspect that I would not pass the first hurdle.

For now I shall cross my fingers and just tick off the days until Covid measures relax. I will find a dentist when desperation sets in. At least we have identified a correct course of action should any pain start. We have also identified up to three potential dental practices.

I still need wellies for dog-walking. The chemins are becoming quite muddy and will probably become worse yet.

The van is cleaned and ready for the off but we have decided not to pack it until we see what the Gouvernement has to say tomorrow. Not much point in packing if our movements are to be restricted.

Tonight is a mini Date Night. We are going to watch a film, scoff Nachos, and drink Desperados.

Tonight’s film is not the next in our alphabet (Q is for Quills) but The Favourite, which we have been wanting to see. There may be some more Lost to follow that… we are two thirds of the way through Season 2. I feel this may be our final viewing of Lost, though, even fourth time around, there is still more to see and to comprehend.

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