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It’s all a bit boring

I am trying very hard to maintain a daily blog habit, even if that means splitting posts between here and Scattered Thoughts. The challenge remains however in that there is so little to write about.

Today has been typically empty. We took the dog for a walk and the Crooked Man has been practising on his drums. The day has been chilly, though not quite as cold as of late, and damp. It’s grey, with low light levels and we have had lamps lit all day. I began to prep a meal but then found that I really did not feel like eating that which I had prepared.

We are going to have cheese 🙂

Despite trying to attack my day positively, and donning a skirt to help with that, I feel so lacklustre. I have no motivation at all.

So far there is no news on further anti-Covid measures here in France. The vaccination programme has yet to get on its feet and its slow progress has caused much consternation. There is however to be a website on which we may register our intention to have the vaccine. A recent survey indicated that only 40% of the French population would accept the vaccine. It make sense to find out who they are, rather than to invest effort in inviting people to appointments that won’t be kept.

But only 40% ? That’s really frightening. How can herd immunity be achieved when efforts are pitched against that level of resistance!

We await news on the effects of Christmas on the virus numbers. There will be an address on Thursday evening. We cannot begin to guess what news is in store. Whatever the News is, maybe it will provide something to write about!

Hoping to get out again tomorrow – we need another trip to a bottle bank, if nothing else. Not very blogworthy, is it?

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