Crooked House

A country life in France


Just a quick nature note for future reference. Another warm and sunny day today, with a fresh breeze. I noticed that the daisies are springing up everywhere, J’s tulips are shooting and now almost 5 cm high, and I saw my first wall lizard of this year when I was hanging out today’s washing. The birds are very active too. Dusty has been snoozing on the laptop again and it took a while to restoreContinue readingSpringing

Turning a corner

We have been away on a couple of trips in the van, so that partly explains radio silence around here. Either side of trips away there has been packing and unpacking, both of which are lengthy and time-consuming rituals requiring domestic drudgery and really not worth talking about. The other explanation is a growing list of Draft status posts that I found time to write but somehow never got posted… …but I am back, albeitContinue readingTurning a corner