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Turning a corner

We have been away on a couple of trips in the van, so that partly explains radio silence around here. Either side of trips away there has been packing and unpacking, both of which are lengthy and time-consuming rituals requiring domestic drudgery and really not worth talking about. The other explanation is a growing list of Draft status posts that I found time to write but somehow never got posted…

…but I am back, albeit temporarily. There is still little to write about. There remains little that we can do, although Lockdown v3.0 hasn’t (yet) been implemented. The weather has been fairly atrocious up until now but finally we turn a corner. Whether it is the corner remains to be seen but we do have double figure temperatures and sun forecast for at least a week.

Three days ago everything was encased in ice, following a day of freezing rain. Today it is warm, sunny and fresh. I have washing on the line and bedroom skylights are open – both are firsts for 2021.

The daffs in next door’s garden are showing colour and the birds are singing. For the first time this year it is warmer out than in, so we have the heat exchanger running instead of firing up the wood burner. This is just as well as the fuel situation is perilous, the log man having let us down yet again.

As Lockdown v3.0 remains no more than a threat we are continuing to make the most of our liberty, as well as the forecast weather, and will be wandering off again quite soon. This means that I am stupidly busy right now, doing laundry and batch cooking, and packing. I don’t know what to pack, so seem to be taking everything. Despite the pleasant temperature today I find it quite difficult to believe that I may need to take shorts and t-shirts and have also added sweaters and woollen socks to my pile. Will it all fit into my locker? I doubt it!

I have the same questions in my mind regarding food supplies. I can’t believe that it is going to be salad weather and have cooked up lots of casseroles to keep out the cold that The Crooked Man tells me that we are not going to have. It must be a security thing for me. If we end up bringing frozen Pot au Feu, Goulash and Chicken Stew back home with us, so be it, at least I can rest assured that we shall neither freeze nor starve!

Anyway, so far as I am concerned, we are just to close to this experience…

… to be anything less than circumspect.

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