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Phase 1 one of the Back Bedroom Project is progressing well. The room is emptied of everything except the desk and the Lego and we have vacuumed.

Almost cleared

The Millennium Falcon is partially disassembled and needs to be completely broken down so that we can store the Lego pieces safely. There is now plenty of room to work on it on the desk! Last night the Crooked Man had to sit on a pouffe to work on it.

It seems a dreadful shame to pull this apart after so much work went into it

We won’t begin to discuss how much of a tip our bedroom now is. I have to say though, that I quite like having the sofa and screen in there. If it were not for the stove pipe, I’d think about having things arranged that way permanently. But the stove pipe is there and gets in the way of everything. We shall not be able to light a fire whilst the furniture from the other room is piled up around it. And I shall need the light on at night in order to navigate to the bathroom without injury.

The cat’s going to be really annoyed that his peaceful spot on the sofa in the back room is no longer available.

These inconveniences shouldn’t last for long. I think. I hope.

We have identified a few unfulfilled requirements and will need to go back to the Brico before getting stuck in to Phase 2.

I’m thinking of having a couple of photos printed up for the walls but how do I chose which ones?

This ought to brighten the wall up considerably?

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