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Everything is under control, except for the dust

The Batmobile went for its CT today. The Controle Technique is the regular safety check on vehicles, akin to the MOT in the UK but is only required every other year.

This was the Batmobile’s first CT, as it was not very old when we bought it. It’s also our first CT experience. One more step on our path to being properly French.

The car passed, as one would expect. It’s a premium vehicle and not much used, with very low, erm… kilometrage (what’s the metric equivalent to mileage?)

Lockdown lifts at Sunday midnight and we are hoping to go away. We just don’t yet have full details of what we may or may not be able to do. I am however packing the van in anticipation as rain is forecast for the next few days and I prefer to go back and forth without trailing muddy footprints everywhere. We should have been preparing for the Spanish birthday dinner trip but today we have cancelled our booking at El Celler. That’s two years running. Hope Covid lets us out to play next year, should we manage to get a table booking once again.

Whatever the rules turn out to be, we cannot go very far afield as I need to be in Lusignan on the 13th for my vaccination.

There is a little more sanding to be done today (deep joy!) and then the dust removal process can begin. With a bit of luck we shall get the walls undercoated tomorrow. We could have done with a dry atmosphere and open skylights but it is apparently going to be a day of showers. The end is in sight though and we should have nicely painted walls by the end of this weekend. Then we have to put the room back together again… I am, for once, looking forward to a little non-essential shopping. Just a few bits and pieces to make the room a pleasant place to be in. Pictures! Soft furnishings! Lamps! How very uncharacteristic of me. But I do seem to have the bit between my teeth. Also, we need storage. Can’t decide between economical “click shelving” or proper cupboards to keep things out of sight and dust free. The difficulty lies mainly with the Batmobile as it is not the kind of car that will accommodate shelves or cupboards. An Estate car is a far more practical option (though nowhere close to being as much fun, I know.)

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