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Forward Progress

When last we looked, the back bedroom was just about emptied. Not a great deal happened yesterday as we returned to the Brico but after a marathon shopping trip, the last of the Millennium Falcon was broken up and stored – well, just about, we need to buy a second set of drawers to get it all fitted in.

Today I took the dog out for a long (slow, anyway) walk and returned two find two downlighters already fitted. We now have five in place and working, so have better light for the remainder of the work to be done. A sixth downlighter has replaced the dim bulb that had been dangling on a wire at the head of the stairs. It’s going to make a big difference, being able to see where I am going, after three years of fumbling in the dark. The trouble is that it can now be seen just how dirty the steps are!

Light to see by

The Crooked Man is taking the rest of the day off. Tomorrow, we may start on taping joint and filling cracks.

As a reward for today’s brilliance we shall be sitting in the sun and consuming some of this, which was on offer at the supermarket this week. We couldn’t decide which colour to get, so we got all of them!

Everything’s rosy, even the two lips.

I have dared to moot the idea of finishing the floor boards in some way…

It shouldn’t be a huge job as the previous owners have already sanded the boards down. Apparently they had been finished but the product used had resulted in a very dark floor and so it was stripped off again. I am told that it’s something to do with the boards being Chestnut wood. It seems that we need to do some research before deciding what to do. Personally, I fancy a simple wax job but perhaps we need something that’s not slippery (I’m getting no younger, let’s face it). Maybe an oiled finish?

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