Crooked House

A country life in France

Joining up

Work progresses.

Filling the gaps around the boards proved to be challenging using ready mix filler and the results were unsatisfactory. I suggested caulk and this was pronounced to be a good idea. We hot legged it to The Shed and purchased six tubes.

On Saturday the caulk ran out and so the Crooked Man popped back to The Shed and purchased a further six tubes. Today he has completed sealing around the edges and has taped the joints between boards. The angles need doing now and the tape needs skimming.

It’s amazing how much better it looks with the edges done. Can’t wait to see the room painted now but I think it will be a few days yet.

Spent some time this afternoon in wondering whether or no to add skirting board. Due to the uneven nature of the floor we decided that skirting board would make things look worse rather than better. So, that’s one less job to do.

No photos today, there’s not a great deal to see.

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