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A change is as good

It’s May Day, aka International Workers Day, and workers are supposed to be resting but the Crooked Man is beavering away in the back room. He is applying undercoat whilst in his boxers. I have his other clothes in the washing machine due to a wee contretemps with the paint tray.

I have been up for a look-see and it’s going to be fabulous in there. It looks 200% better already.

A great improvement, and that’s just the undercoat

Tonight I shall cook my mate a wonderful Italian-inspired meal for our weekly Date Night as his just reward for all of his hard work and effort.

I haven’t been entirely idle, what with the laundry, the meal preparation and the dog-walking but I feel that we should have bought me a paint roller too, so I could have helped…

Meanwhile, I have made up some cheesy Polenta, wrapped a garlic, rosemary and fennel encrusted pork fillet in Pancetta, and prepared some asparagus and also some small onions for roasting with thyme.

It is also the Fête du Muguet on May 1st. Our neighbour gave us a little poesy of Lily of the Valley. I am touched. It is a traditional gift for May Day, a gesture of friendship and to bring luck with the Springtime. I have them in a wee jug on top of my bureau and as I type this, their scent is beautiful. I shall move them to the dinner table this evening.

Muguet du Bois

Rain is expected from 4 pm and showers throughout until early tomorrow. I think that Date Night Dinner will be had indoors, which is a great shame. Especially since I purchased some solar lights for the garden when we were out the other day. I had been looking forward to trying them out.

Yesterday we popped out to Leclerc for some fresh tomatoes for tonight’s starter of Burrata and there I happily seized upon two large scatter cushions that I thought might work with my outline scheme for the back room. It’s being painted white to catch the light and I think that I want to keep it pretty neutral but chuck in some colour accents, so I am going down the grey and yellow path. I have stolen, and washed, Nell’s grey fleece blanket because it’s large enough to throw over our poor tatty pink sofa until I figure out something better to do with it.

That’ll do for now, I think

I can’t decide whether or not to haunt the dépôt-vente (once they reopen) for artwork for the walls or to print up some of my own photos. Going with the yellow theme, I quite fancy having this one blown up to poster size:

Kaboom! An explosion of colour

The dépôt-vente route would be cheaper! But would it be as cheerful? I don’t know. What I do know is that I love that little jug that I have with the Lilies of the Valley in and that came from the dépôt-vente for a princely fifty cents 🙂

I love it when a blog post becomes nicely circular.

Anyway, looking forward to the 19th May, when non-essential shops reopen. I shall spend much time browsing the second-hand goodies.

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