Crooked House

A country life in France



The Little Crooked House is our new home in the French countryside (read more here). To be truthful, there is no Crooked Man, nor a Crooked Wife but there is a Crooked Cat that catches mice, crooked or not, and the house is certainly more than a little contorted in places, with sloping floors and creaking boards (more of which, later).

Not entirely sure yet how this site will shape up but for now let us assume that it is going to be all about a couple of old Brits settling down in a new home and a new country (France). There will likely be some cooking and  a little gardening and perhaps some travel. There will certainly be many photographs and perhaps a degree of Franglais to be employed.

This blog comes about at the urging of my friend Roz, who writes the excellent blog Autumn Cottage Diarist. Please do pay her a visit. After all, she is far more interesting than I am.