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After eight months travelling and living in our motorhome we took the plunge and offered on a little house in France. The offer was accepted and the house becomes ours at the end of June, 2018.  We do not have to wait to settle down however as we are renting the house until the sale completes. Just as well as as soon as we moved in, the van decided to suffer acute brake failure!

We took a liking to Haute Vienne on our way south in the autumn/winter of 2017 and when we returned from exploring Portugal and Spain, it was with the intent of house hunting there. We settled on a house just over the border in Department 86, Vienne but still in the Gartempe Valley, where we viewed our first possible property in Haute Vienne. There is not much in it and the whole area is lovely and feels very much like home. The scenery is mostly rolling arable with many trees and much wildlife to enjoy. The countryside is laced liberally with good walking.

The house is old, but not terribly so. It has recently been renovated, though work remains to be completed. Happily much character has been retained and there are stone flagged floors and exposed beams. Outside there are decrepit outbuildings and a garden that is yet to be formed in an area where the adjacent barn has been mostly demolished,

We plan some sympathetic changes and perhaps a few improvements to current arrangements. This blog was requested by a friend in order to share mostly the development of the garden. It will happily digress into other areas of  interest, especially kitchen-related activities and walking.

[Historical note to aid the confused: The Little White House was the code name that we gave to this property when we were house hunting. We gave each house a meaningful-to-us name so that we could remember which was which. The house that we chose to live in was The Little White House. It may remain white or it may change colour but either way it has changed its name… familiarity with its quirks led us to a more appropriate titling. Readers of earlier efforts can now remove the confused look from their faces. Sorry.]

The Little Crooked House is in a hamlet in the Commune of Lathus-Saint-Rèmy, which is in the Department of Vienne in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. The immediate locale is in the beautiful Gartempe Valley.


Country France
Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Department Vienne
Arrondissement Montmorillon
Canton Montmorillon


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