Crooked House

A country life in France

Grand Frais

A trip to the CPAM office in Poitiers brought about mixed results. Poitiers is the administrative centre for the Vienne and the centre was obviously very busy, far busier than the satellite in Montmorillon. We stood in the queue with sinking hearts and a recognition that a rendezvous was going to be needed… but it wasn’t. Once we had been directed to the correct queue a receptionist gave us a number, just like in Argos,Continue readingGrand Frais

Getting on with it

We visited Adriers, a nearby small town, to find and register with the doctor there. She has an excellent reputation and is much sought after by the ex-pat Brits as she speaks excellent English. We had been warned that “her books are full” and “she’s not taking new patients on because she is retiring” but we were warmly welcomed in Reception and our details entered upon the computer. The surgery took a bit of finding;Continue readingGetting on with it