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A country life in France

Turn of the Year Vacuum

This hiatus always annoys me. Can we please get the 6th over and done with and then return to normal? We have been out and about, mainly doing bottle bank duty and then making the most of being out of the house by calling in at the supermarket. Learning Point 1: Shopping on 2nd January is largely a waste of time. Learning Point 2: Shopping on the 4th January is largely a waste of timeContinue readingTurn of the Year Vacuum

A Month in France: Time for a change

We ate “Date Night” dinner outside last night and Dusty (who hadn’t been seen in the previous 24 hours) came to join us. He obligingly posed on the wall… … Continue readingA Month in France: Time for a change


How do I choose? There is so very much that I could be doing. I am suffering from Opportunity Paralysis! … Continue readingComforting

Lovely Weather for Ducks

It was tipping down this morning and had been doing so all night. Our Google Assistant tells us that it is going to rain until 10pm tonight, making that a good 24 hours continuous downpour. She says it will start again at 7am tomorrow and continue all day. This is setting the scene for my saying that I really did not feel like going walkies today! I made myself go on the grounds that freshContinue readingLovely Weather for Ducks

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