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I said in my last post that (amongst others) one of the things that I needed to add to the house was a living room rug. Tick that one.

Dusty has discovered the delights of a hearth rug

I gave much consideration to the rug; whether to buy something that I really love or something cheap and cheerful to make-do with. Make-do won. So long as we have a muddy Border Collie coming and going, it makes little sense to buy something precious. She won’t be with us for very much longer, I don’t suppose, so we can upgrade later. Remember The Shed? We popped out there on Sunday afternoon for the rug. It is actually woollen, but a very loose pile. It’s big and adds some level of warmth and comfort to the room. Dusty loves it.

We have a new WiFi router after discovering that my Anova sous-vide wand wasn’t working when I needed it to. It turned out not to be a fault with the Anova but that our router only offered 10 connections and they were all in use. We now have greater capabilities!

Today we added to our new IT setup, with a network server. At last I can get back to making regular backups.

Several parts of the new PC arrived today but the build must be delayed until the case turns up tomorrow. The processor (and the cat) is sitting on the coffee table, waiting.

Over-packaged? Much?

Yesterday we manhandled the sofa up the stairs and it is now installed in the newly reorganised back bedroom cum office. Dusty has discovered it and slept there overnight, leaving my legs free in bed for a change. I quite liked that. Nell is less happy at having a two-seater sofa swapped out for an easy chair. She fits but she can no longer stretch out.

Also yesterday, Dusty caught a lizard and brought it indoors. Beastly cat!

The Crooked Kitchen has been the scene of much activity lately and I am pleased to report that the mood is definitely French. I have made both Mayonnaise and Confit Garlic this week and happily both fit into our current Keto diet.

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