Crooked House

A country life in France

What to do?

How does a body keep a blog alive and interesting when that same body is allowed out for just one hour a day and no further than 1 Kilometre from home?

I have no answer to that question, I just pose it here to consider and to return to.

If only I had a proper garden. If only the garden centres were not closed as non-essential business, I might be spending this down time in making a garden and building a good hard-paved area.

Perhaps I will document the space that we currently have and maybe write down a few pipe dreams, ideas, plans…

After all, there is a very definite finite limit to how many images I can post of my daily meals, isn’t there?

“Waste Not” Soup

Here is a bowl of chilled soup that I made from unused veg from Sunday’s “Date Night” meal: the less-good bits of asparagus and the broccoli stalks, with some shallot for flavour and a little potato for body, whizzed up with cream. It was actually delicious and might almost have been intended rather than scrabbled together in waste not, want not fashion. It’s something to do, just pottering in the kitchen and passing the time.

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