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Catching up

It’s been travel, travel, travel for weeks on end now. Back from Italy recently and now looking to get ready for Spain and Portugal. In the interim we have been making some progress on the bathroom renovation. We now have a towel radiator fitted. The broken cabinet has not been replaced so we cancelled the order and are making use of the battered one. The drawers have been fitted to the sink base as it will now be some time until we tackle the walls and the plumbing.

Blackout blinds have finally been fitted to the bedroom skylights. We keep sleeping in, now that the sun doesn’t wake us.

Our Cartes des Sejours have been collected and we celebrated by lunching at Le Lucullus.

I had my ‘flu jab and we have both now had our Covid booster.

The laundry from our last trip is now almost completed. Hurrah!

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