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Tales from a Crooked Kitchen

Today’s focus has been mostly upon the kitchen, not least because a delivery team from Boulanger spent an inordinate amount of time in there when rehanging the freezer door.

It was also far too hot to go outside for long and the kitchen is a relatively cool space in which to hang out. Our first task after the delivery van left was to switch on the freezer and ready it for filling. Task number two was to take the dog out again – she is only having short strolls today due to the excessive heat and that fact is driving her bonkers. I mean she is driving us bonkers with her complaints. I used the dog walk to good advantage and came home with a bag of wild plums.


In the pm, the man of the house ventured forth to Montmorillon to collect a parcel. I emptied and defrosted the old freezer ready for passing on to its next home (thereby necessitating a deal of floor-mopping) and I filled the new freezer. Then I prepared the plums and immersed them in gin before busying myself with tonight’s dessert.


There has not yet been time to pickle the cucumbers so I may do that tonight or possibly tomorrow.

Still with the plums and the gin, no time for cucumber today

I have promised to make a White Chocolate Torte for the village fête in August. It had occurred to me that I needed to have a dry run in order to see if satisfactory results can be obtained with the locally available ingredients. Ingredients were duly obtained from E.Leclerc and Grand Frais and today seemed as good a time as any for the practice run.

White chocolate torte with berries from Grand Frais

Spot the not-so-deliberate purchasing error.

Yes, you are absolutely right; no, white chocolate a beige dessert does not make.

What an idiot.

PS – that torte is bigger than it appears – the berries are enormous!

Mr L has returned from Montmorillon with further supplies of Pamplemousse Rosé and thoughtfully also provided the Cerise and the Passion version in order to compare and contrast. Sadly, he was able to find only one more bottle of the Bière de Mars. I shall fight him for it.

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