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Come for a walk with us

Nell and I went for a walk this morning, taking the camera with us, whilst Mr L and Cat went to the vet in l’Isle Jourdain.

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Today’s route

We are blessed with an abundance of walking in our immediate area. We have a loop that we walk Nell on most days and it has several variations available for when we get bored of doing the same circuit. The main problem is that Nell is a Border Collie and she prefers to do the same route daily. She has her rituals and her expectations.

We began  today’s walk by leaving from the back of the house and walking along the Rue de Centre to meet the D10. From there it is a short walk to the edge of the village and our left hand turn onto a now-unmaintained tarmac chemin.

And thus we arrive home again, ready for a cup of tea. Would you like milk or lemon?

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