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Definitely a Thing

I need to report that Beetroot with Raspberry Vinegar is definitely A Thing.

Over here it is rare to find raw beetroot. It mostly comes ready boiled, though not pre-packed.  This is a bit of a shame as I do enjoy my beetroot roasted. However, it is highly convenient to  be able to pick up a ready boiled beet and just skin and chop it for a salad.

Tonight I conducted further experiments with the air fryer. We started with chips again, this time made with olive oil and dolloped with the fabulous Maille mayonnaise that we love. (I need to write about that one day) To follow, we had some chicken fillets marinated in lemon and thyme (from our Grand Frais trip). I served them very simply with a salad of rocket, with some chopped beetroot dressed with raspberry vinegar. I thought that it might work well, and oh, boy, it did. Will do that again.


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