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A Spring Wedding

Day four of the lockdown and it is entirely possible that I am going slightly bonkers but I have a little tale to tell you.

Whilst practising my social distancing – out with Nell and my camera, I found myself among the hub and bub of a Spring Wedding.

How come? You might well ask.

Well, here’s what happened…

I was admiring the Blackthorn bushes and thinking that how, when they are burdened with blossom, they look so bridal – festooned as they are in an abundance of white froth.

It might have stopped there but as I walked and as I snapped. I sort of got into the party spirit a little. Either that or my imagination ran away with me…

You might call it “stretching the analogy a bit” and I am not sure that I might blame you for that.

I don’t believe that I managed to capture the full cast – I certainly missed the Father of the Bride (how could I!)

Well, if Blackthorn was the Bride then the Cowslips were most certainly the Bridesmaids and Pulmonaria a darling Flower Girl.

The crowd of onlookers outside the church had me taxed. I usually avoid talking about this flower because I simply do not know what it is. I have tried looking it up previously with little success but today it seems to want to be Common Mouse-ear. Perhaps this time Google actually helped.

If the guests at the wedding, invited or otherwise, were all plant life then the service staff were the butterflies. Several species were on the wing and all far too busy flitting about their job to wish to stop and pose for the camera. I did catch a Peacock having a sly fag break atop a Sloe bush though.

Here’s the wedding album:

I think that the next time that it is my turn to fill in my movement certificate and go out in the fresh air that I should mount a macro lens and try to get some better images. There is the small issue that the ground remains very wet despite recent sunshine and not really suitable for lying on the ground getting floral closeups. I got a very wet foot on this outing from standing in a ditch in an attempt to do the Mother of the Bride full justice 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Spring Wedding

  1. Beth, this was a lovely post to read. I am feeling quite sad today as I had to tell a bride that her wedding has to be postponed and can’t even happen with the bare minimum of me, them and two witnesses.
    I’m interested to hear that you know of the lych gate tying tradition. That’s alive and well in my bit of North Yorkshire, but I’ve often wondered how far it goes. It wasn’t over on the coast where we were before.

    1. I have been thinking much about weddings. I have little time for big fancy show off weddings, to be honest, and was thinking that if weddings had to be carried out with the minimum, it’s not such a bad thing. Now that gatherings can consist of only two persons… I hadn’t really thought about that. Hard indeed. Having moved around a great deal in my lifetime I have to rack my brains to recall where I first met the tying of the gates. I think that it might have been when we were at Sherburn (not in-Elmet). Very much in N Yorks. I think it also happened in Teesdale. Cotherstone was then in N Yorks too, though moved into Co Durham later. I must ask Steve if gate tying was a thing in Pocklington.

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