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Thursday has not gone to plan and we did not go to Poitiers.

For some little while now, Mr L has been fuming at the car which was frequently telling us that a tyre needs air.  This morning he found out why, there was a screw embedded in it. Unfortunately our car does not come with a spare tyre, so he had to take it into Norauto in Montmorillon. Norauto were ace and fixed it without delay and pretty cheaply too.

We now think that we shall not bother going to Poitiers. The Montmorillon CPAM reopens on the 3rd September, so we might as well just take our dossier there. That way at least we can be assured that it reaches the correct hands. Carte Vitale dossiers have a habit of going astray, apparently.

There is big news on the cat front: Chloé slept in the house last night. In fact, she slept at the foot of our bed. All night. No trouble at all. Better still; she used the cat tray that we thoughtfully placed in the bathroom for her. A result!

We are going to try it again tonight.

Chloé has been out today but is indoors again now. I rather think that she would prefer to be elsewhere:

Help, I am being imprisoned. Send for the Gendarmes immediately!


however, we do need to get her making friends with the peedie one with no further delay.

Anyway, No Poitiers – No Grand Frais. I have to rummage in the freezer for dinner supplies. It’s going to be  fish cakes from Carrefour. Happily, they are excellent fishcakes. They call them Croques – they are flat, not like rissoles, they look like Rosti and are full of good things such as garlic. Much yumminess. Although they are very good served with just a simple green salad, I think that we may have air fryer chips with them… you know, just for a change 🙂

Croques de Cabillaud


That Air Fryer will probably be the death of me.

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