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About time too

My copy birth certificate has finally arrived. A trip to the CPAM in Poitiers is now in order. I should have my Carte Vitale in a few weeks now. Just as well, as Mr L  needs mine to be processed before he is allowed to have his. A trip to the doctor last night cost him 25€ and a month’s medication was just over 49€. This would be refundable (70% of the GP and all of the medication) if he had his social security number but as he is piggy-backing on mine, and mine has not been processed due to the lack of a long birth certificate… we shall just have to bear the cost. It’s not much though is it, one’s health is worth a few bob if necessary.

But these things can add up alarmingly so the sooner we are processed, the better. We shall waste no time and head for Poitiers at the first available opportunity.

You know what this means? Yes, a trip to Grand Frais. Goody. I will now start a shopping list…

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