Crooked House

A country life in France

Stuff that kept us busy for a while

We assembled several pizzas over the lockdown period. Some efforts were better than others.
Passed a few minutes but never really found a sense of commitment to the learning process. It will come.
Yes, ditto.
Made some progress
Went from this…
… through this …
… and this …
… and this (and more) …
… until we arrived at this.
And then the Lego was delivered and more stuff was constructed…

There were other constructions but they don’t appear to have made it onto my camera card so are not currently available f or inclusion.

The Crooked Woman acquired a Covid Cut and a purple dye job
There was a great deal of cooking (and eating) and…
… a quite ridiculous amount of drinking!

Together with the daily dog walk (health permitting) and a deal of sun bathing, it all helped to pass the time and our 8 weeks were up almost before they seemed to have started.

The Date Night thing was excellent. It helped to pass the time in planning, prepping and cooking. Dressing up for dinner gave us a sense of occasion. Best of all, at a time when we were unable to travel, we enjoyed reliving past travels as we slowly (?) made our way through the wines that we had brought home from past trips.

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