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A Month in France: Time for a change

The Autumn Cottage Diarist “A Month in the Country 2020” begins today and I hope very much to keep up. I haven’t seen the prompt for today yet but I am here and showing willing.

We ate “Date Night” dinner outside last night and Dusty (who hadn’t been seen in the previous 24 hours) came to join us. He obligingly posed on the wall and I now have a set of images from which to choose the new blog header image. ChloĆ© will be retired to a place in my heart and in my memory.

Dusty on the wall, joining in with our romantic dinner date

The Brambles are ripening!

It has been very hot here recently and yesterday’s temperature was nudging towards forty degrees. We sat out in our loungers, listening to music and gazing at the heavens (what we could see of them, the moon was bright) until 1 am, at which time it was apparently still around 24 degrees but cooling sufficiently to contemplate sleep. Today is grey and cooler, with the promise of thunderstorms but so far we have only had a few stray drops of rain. The skylights are closed, in case of sudden downpour, but we have the windows and door open downstairs to admit the cooler air – they have been closed for days in an attempt to keep down the temperature in the house. It is certainly good to have the curtains drawn back and have some light for a change.

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